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Vani Natyalayam is a registered Indian dance School, founded in 1993 by the Artist, Director, Guru and Choreographer Vani Nidadavolu. Vani Natyalayam is dedicated to teach the most intricate dance form of India called Bharatanatyam. The School gives a taste of Indian culture to the younger generatrions of America. The main purpose of this school is to preserve India’s ancient cultural heritage through this beautiful art. The instruction will be in Kalakshetra style which is a very renowned style in Bharatanatyam. It uplifts the dancer and the beholder to a higher level of spiritual consciousness.


The students will go through different levels of techniques; namely Abhinayas (expressions), Hastas (hand gestures), and Nritta (pure dance). The Beginner Level asists the students in learning Adavus (steps) along with the hand gestures and the hand movements. The Intermediate Level, or the second level takes them to the simple dance pieces, where they will learn understanding and doing the dance for simple musical pieces. In the third and Advanced Level, they will master all elements of Nritta (rhythmic element), Nritya (combination of rhythm with expression) and Natya (dramatic element). The students of Vani Natyalayam not only exposed to Bharatanatyam, but also master in semi-classical, folk dances and fusions. Slowly they will get the skills of choreographing their own dance pieces.

Our Mission
The mission of Vani Natyalayam is to help every child reach his or her potential by fostering creativity, talent, enthusiasm, academic growth, maturity, and tolerance.


Beginner Level

Intermediate Level

Advanced level

Vani Natyalayam

A School of Indian Dance