A School of Indian Dance

Vani Natyalayam

Born in Tenali, Andhra Pradesh in India, Smt. Vani Nidadavolu learned Kuchipudi as well as Bharatanatyam in Kalakashetra style. She did so many performances in Andhra Pradesh and praised by local delegates. With 15 years of learning experience she came to United States in 1990, and started teaching Bharatanatyam since 1993. She is a renowned classical Bharatanatyam dancer in the Tri State area. With more than 25 years of teaching experience Smt. Vani Nidadavolu gives training to beginners, intermediate and advanced students. She trained so many students for their arangetrams (graduations). She also takes adult classes depending on their interests. She takes students from age 5 to adult. 

She is also a philanthropist, and through Vani Natyalayam donated money to many organizations. To name a few, Uplift a Child, a nonprofit organization who supports the education of underprivileged children in India, Unicef, the Oakhill organization who helps the Blind and Sneha Incorporated, a charity that supports South Asian women in need. Recently she received a prestigious award from the Connecticut Immigrant and Refugee Coalition for her outstanding community services through this art form. She has also received an award from The Milan organization for her dedication in Indian performing arts. She has launched the debuts for so many of her students.

Even though she teaches Bharatanatyam in Kalakshetra style which is a very renowned and popular style of the art, she adds her own creation in choreographing the dance pieces without compromising the traditional style. She gives extreme importance for grace and perfection in all aspects. As a teacher she is very friendly and patience with all of her students. She creates interest in the students in learning this beautiful art.

A Proud Tradition of Excellence